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Our therapy-oriented yoga center was born out of a vision to provide a holistic approach to mental and physical well-being. It all started when our founder, a dedicated yoga practitioner and licensed therapist, realized the immense potential of integrating yoga with traditional therapy techniques.

Years of rigorous training, research, and a deep understanding of human psychology paved the way for the creation of our center. Our approach is rooted in the belief that the mind and body are interconnected and that by nurturing both, individuals can achieve greater balance and resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

Our journey has been marked by the transformation of countless lives. Through tailored yoga sessions and therapeutic guidance, we’ve helped people manage stress, anxiety, and depression. Our story is one of empowerment, healing, and a commitment to helping individuals on their path to self-discovery and well-being.

Today, our therapy-oriented yoga center stands as a haven for those seeking a harmonious blend of mental and physical wellness, a testament to the incredible healing power of yoga when combined with professional therapeutic support.

Suman Bhattacharya

DYNS (Diploma in Yoga and and Naturopathy Science), DPT (Diploma in PhysioTherapy), PGDY (Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga), and an MA in Yoga.

Rouank Mandol

DPT(Diploma in Physiotherapy ) and DYNS(Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy Science) Specialization Lung disease.

Sumona Mukherjee

AYASH MANTRA Certified Specialization in Meditation and Detoxification

Mr.Surya Mahato

DPT (Diploma in Physiotherapy) , DYNS (Diploma in Yoga Naturopathy Science and Therapy) (diet expert) Researcher in Yoga astrology.

Anupa Paul

IRIIM (Indian Research Institute for Integrated Medicine) , Yoga and Science of Living & an M.A in Yoga Acupuncture specialist.


299 1 week
  • Asana
  • Mudra
  • Pranayama
  • Om Meditation
  • Diet Guide
  • 2 Class in a week.


Treatment & Detoxification

2999 4 week
  • Therapaeutic Exercise
  • Therapeutic Asana
  • Advance Asana
  • Mudra
  • Shatakarma basic kriya
  • Ashtanga Pranayama
  • 6 type of Meditation
  • Basic Yogic diet
  • 24 hour treatment support
  • 4 Classes per week

Treatment & Detoxification

Offline Home Visit
4499 3 class a week
  • Therapaeutic Exercise
  • Therapeutic Asana
  • Advance Asana
  • Mudra
  • Shas akarma basic kriya
  • Ashtanga Pranayama
  • 6 type of Meditation
  • Basic Yogic diet
  • 24 hour treatment support
  • 4 Classes per week

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Contact Us

Bhunia Para, Station Road, Katowali Town, Medinipur 721102

Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga therapy is a specialized practice that focuses on using yoga techniques to address specific physical, mental, or emotional health concerns. It is personalized and therapeutic in nature, as opposed to regular yoga classes, which are more general and aimed at overall well-being.

Usually, it is advised to bring your yoga mat, water bottle, towel and an extra pair of exercise clothes to the yoga centre.

Yes, most yoga classes have their own locker and changing room. Some of them even have bathrooms and saunas. To check for the availability of the same, we advise you to call them ahead of time and confirm the same.


Yoga therapy can provide various benefits, including stress reduction, pain management, improved flexibility, mental and emotional balance, and enhanced overall well-being. The specific benefits will depend on your individual needs and goals.

Usually, based on the class you are a part of, your time slots get booked. Just to be sure, we advise you to call or visit Yoga Samadhan in Tollygunge and discuss the same.

Most yoga classes provide group classes for beginners, intermediates and advanced learners. They also provide private classes. We strongly recommend that you call Yoga Samadhan in Kolkata and discuss the same to clear your doubts.


Yes, yoga therapy can be adapted to accommodate individuals of all ages and fitness levels, including those with physical limitations or health concerns. A skilled yoga therapist can tailor the practice to suit your unique needs.

Yoga therapy can be used to address a wide range of conditions, such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, back pain, arthritis, insomnia, and more. It can be employed as a complementary therapy alongside conventional medical treatments.

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