Our Expertise Is Our Consultation Process

We value the philosophical word YOGA …

How We Offer You The Best Yoga Practice

In Yoga Samadhan, we always think about providing the purest yoga form to all thus we have a different consultation process for yoga

Medical Assessment

First you go through our medical assessment program to determine condition

Medical Abilities

After The medical assessment we will check for any health ability issues

Present Illness

Treating you on "How you doing & what problems you are facing" is our main moto



Our medical consultant will render professional opinion for you


Then we will recommend you the best yoga treatment for you

Start Your Yoga Classes

Now you are ready to start your yoga Lessons. Let's start feeling the change

Choose Your Class Package

Choose Your Plans

Personal Classes

₹ 300/-

₹ 3500/-

₹ 19500/-

₹ 36000/-

Single Class

Monthly Class

6 Month Membership

1 Year Membership

Studio Classes

₹ 150/-

₹ 1200/-

₹ 6300/-

₹ 12000/-

Personal Classes

Single Class ₹ 300/-

Monthly Class ₹ 3500/-

6 Month Membership ₹ 19500/-

1 Year Membership ₹ 36000/-

Studio Classes

Single Class ₹ 150/-

Monthly Class ₹ 1200/-

6 Month Membership ₹ 6300/-

1 Year Membership₹ 12000/-

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